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Being On the Front Page of Google is a GAME CHANGER for Local Businesses

A 2017 Google Study proved that 4 out of 5 consumers searched the Internet for local service providers BEFORE calling or visiting any business.

A 2013 Study proved that 93% of all people that do a search for a service provider NEVER go past the first page of Google results.

The TOP THREE results in Google search get 64% of ALL the visitors looking for the solution to their problems.

This means if you are a local business and there are 1000 people a month searching for answers your business provides, if you show up in ONE of the TOP THREE positions, you have first chance at a potential 640 leads for your business.

Search Engine Marketing Provides Top Quality Leads

People searching on the Internet for service providers are in what is called, "the heat of the search". They have their credit cards out, looking for answers to their pressing problems and the first business that gets in front of them is going to get the sale.

Businesses that are listed at the top of Google are viewed as experts and more trustworthy, since Google is trusted by almost all users and Google is the one returning the results.

If your business is listed at the top of Google search, you are going to be viewed as the trusted expert and be rewarded with more potential customers and clients visiting your website.

We make one of those businesses being listed at the top of Google be YOURS.

The Catch? SEO Done Correctly Takes Time to Work

Search Engine Marketing done properly is a long-term ROI play. Depending on the size and competitiveness of your market, it can take anywhere from three to twelve months to achieve first page rankings. It is possible to see results in as little as 30 days, but that is not the norm.

SEO is NOT for every business. You must have a marketing budget, an existing paid traffic funnel creating customers now, and patience.

The difference between our SEO services and other companies is that we DON'T just track your website rankings to show you that you are listed on the front page. Like our Paid Traffic Funnels, we can track how many calls and contacts you are getting, so we can calculate your ROI and show you if it is worth it or not.

When you combine paid traffic funnels with SEO, you truly have a Supercharged Marketing System.

Our Results Speak for Themselves

This one is #5 for national term with 27 million competing results

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This was TWO #1 listings for local business, maps and organic results

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This one was #8 for national mobile accessories market with 17.4 million competing results

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This one is #7 nationally out of 305 million competing results

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6 Out of 10 Spots on the Front Page = TOD (Total Online Domination)

Self defense Laguna Niguel Google Search

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