Expanding comprehension of scripture one to article at a time

Expanding comprehension of scripture one to article at a time

Expanding comprehension of scripture one to article at a time

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Afterwards, inside sections 11–fourteen, Nephi also records a vision off his or her own where of several of one’s parts of Lehi’s dream try informed me with the assist away from a few messengers: “the new Heart of the Lord” and you can an angel

[Webpage 269] Abstract: Lehi’s dream within the step one Nephi 8 and you may Nephi’s associated sight when you look at the 1 Nephi eleven–fourteen include many have pertaining to this new biblical garden out of Paradise, including very prominently the newest tree off lives. A virtually reading of your popular features of Lehi’s dream inside light of your first Publication out-of Mormon text message reveals then parallels to the brand new biblical garden, indicating that the form out of Lehi’s dream is largely the backyard away from Eden. However https://datingranking.net/tr/be2-inceleme/ the distinctions are informative. They might be both substantive keeps missing in the biblical Paradise and you will differences in what used to describe the features. Some of the version features also are utilized in most other old manufacturing membership. Because of these observations, the likelihood is the book from Mormon presupposes a variant account of yard away from Eden. It variant membership models the back ground to possess Lehi’s fantasy and also for most other recommendations to the garden on Publication from Mormon.

“a tree, whose fruit is desirable to build one pleased”; the fresh fruits is additionally also known as nice and very light (step one Nephi 8:10–12)

[Webpage 270] “a lake out-of liquids … close to the forest,” which have an effective “head” otherwise “lead of your water feature” (step 1 Nephi 8:13–14, 17, 20, 26, 32)

“a great strait 1 and you can narrow street, and therefore came along because of the pole off metal” and you can “and this provided (un)towards forest” (step one Nephi 8:20–23)

These topographic keeps is displayed in another way into the Nephi’s vision inside the 1 Nephi eleven–14. Including, it appears because if there are two fountains when you look at the Nephi’s sight, not just one. Nephi describes one of many fountains because if it was indeed sometimes very close to the tree or perhaps also coming from it, for he writes your rod from metal led to this water feature, “otherwise,” according to him, “into the forest off lives.” So it water fountain Nephi calls “the latest water feature from life seas … which oceans try a representation of the passion for God” (step one Nephi ). The next water feature is stated later on because of the Nephi’s angelic guide: “View the fresh new fountain from dirty h2o and this thy dad saw; yea, probably the river of which the guy spake; while the depths thereof would be the deepness out of hell” (1 Nephi ). Later on, Nephi affirms that Lehi got heard of dirty river, however, that simple fact that it absolutely was dirty was not region out-of Lehi’s specific breakdown (step 1 Nephi ).

The new explicit topographic features of Lehi’s dream, since submitted inside 1 Nephi 8, should be listed in order regarding physical appearance as follows:

Another topographic function demonstrated in a different way from inside the Nephi’s account is what really stands within tree in addition to higher and you will spacious strengthening. Nephi identifies a beneficial “great,” “awful,” and you can “dreadful gulf coast of florida” one sets apart brand new wicked members of the favorable and you will large building throughout the righteous anybody close to the forest from lifestyle (step one Nephi ; ). Which gulf is not explicitly said within the Lehi’s description regarding their fantasy (at least in terms of it breakdown are claimed because of the Nephi). Within his then need of his wish to his brothers, Nephi describes this gulf coast of florida to the dirty river (step one Nephi ).

In a 1993 article, Corbin Volluz opposed Lehi’s dream on the garden off Eden once the explained for the Genesis dos–3. 2 Centered on Volluz, Nephi’s statement you to “the fresh new justice away from Goodness did as well as divide brand new wicked about righteous” (step 1 Nephi ) try about the current presence of new “cherubim and you may a fiery blade” placed within entrances with the lawn out-of Paradise (Genesis step three:24; Alma ; 42:2–3). 3 Volluz as well as links the fresh new “strait and you will thin roadway” off Lehi’s fantasy towards the “way of the fresh new tree regarding lives” your cherubim safeguarded according to Genesis step 3:twenty four. cuatro Volluz stops that tree from inside the Lehi’s dream, and this Nephi calls this new “tree of lifestyle,” is actually the one and only new forest out-of existence on the lawn out-of Heaven.

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