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Co-density of lipid problems and you can increased TC/HDL-c proportion

Co-density of lipid problems and you can increased TC/HDL-c proportion

Females hypertensive clients had notably high mean solution concentrations out of TC, LDL-c, HDL-c, and TG (p-value Table 3. Brand new mean/average opinions out-of serum lipid profile or other chance products stratified by sex (n = 384).

On analysis sufferers, new combined height regarding TC+TG is 68 (37.4%), 50 (twenty-four.8%) for males, and you will 50 (24.8%) for females. Also, the general frequency regarding raised TC+LDL-c is 76 (37.six per cent) for men and you can 73 (forty.1%) to own women hypertensive clients. As well as, brand new prevalence of about three lipid character derangements (TC+TG+LDL-c) in a single individual is actually 89 (23.2%), when you’re 67 (17.4%) of hypertensive sufferers got showed abnormalities in all five gel lipids. The present investigation indicated that almost all (93.2%; 95%CI: ninety.6–95.6) of hypertensive clients got knowledgeable dyslipidemia from inside the a minumum of one lipid profile which is appropriate for new analysis from dyslipidemia. More over, so it really works indexed that over half (52.3%) of your hypertensive people had a raised TC/HDL-c ratio (Table 4).

Predictors off dyslipidemia one of hypertensive clients

Regarding bivariate study design, of many predictors such as for instance intercourse, many years, marital status, community, delivering antihypertensive medicine, time of blood pressure levels, genealogy and family history off hypercholesterolemia, Bmi, newest cig, and you may comorbidity was basically hired once the exposure facts for almost all of your own lipid profile derangements (P-value Desk 5. Multivariable logistic regression analysis away from points in the elevated serum total cholesterol and you will triglycerides levels certainly one of hypertensive customers during the Northeast Ethiopia, 2021 (letter = 384).

The odds out of aberrant LDL-c and you may HDL-c was in fact as well as 4.68 (AOR: 4.68, 95%CI: 2.0–) and you will step one.twenty two (AOR: 1.twenty-two, 95%CI: 0.58–2.56) times high certainly one of people old forty years and you may older, correspondingly, versus sufferers aged less than 40 years, from the multivariable logistic regression model. Continue reading